Copyrights and Attribution


Except where specifically noted otherwise or listed in the Attributions below, all content on the Open Forum Foundation website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, aka the BY license. In brief, this means that you can use any written content on this site for whatever you want, as long as you credit its source. The easiest way to do this is by linking directly to the page that contains the content you are using. Alternatively, you may reference the Open Forum Foundation and provide a link to its top level URl (

Read the full legal details here.


As is the case with most things in the modern world, the Open Forum Foundation would not be able to accomplish what it does without standing on the shoulders of giants. Listed below are some of the obvious giants on whose shoulders we stand directly upon:


  • Javier Odriozola provides a very nice set of icons, from which several of our icons are borrowed.
  • Komodo Media provides a great set of social media icons that we use sprinkled around the site.


  • WordPress acts as the content management system and blogging software.
  • MediaWiki provides the wiki software and social profiles for the Community.
    • The plugins in use on the MediaWiki installation can be found here.
  • The custom themes for both were designed by MuNiMulA.

WordPress plugins

Part of what makes WordPress great is the nearly infinite selection of plugins that extend its functionality. Below are the ones that are enabling this website to be what it is.

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